Our passion is to train, upskill and educate the youth throughout Southern Africa
About Us

Forge Academy is the brainchild of social entrepreneurs Arthur Wade Anderson and Craig Clutty. It is a forerunner education facility focused on training African students for careers that rely on 3D printing, next generation computing, virtual and augmented reality and digital marketing so that they can be equipped to have influence, impact and increase in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Forge Academy is an education facility of the highest standard, with the highest reputation, answering to the highest call. Modelled on the Finnish pedagogy of education that will equip our youths to actively participate and perform in economies built on the Fourth Industrial Revolution, this is an opportunity for everyone to join hands and get ready for the future.
Forge Academy’s mission is to make an investment in people, aligning them to their purpose, providing an education of the highest quality and transferring skills that will make them exceptional in the world.
Sectors that rely on the Fourth Industrial Revolution include economic development, trade and industry, agriculture, infrastructure, labour, science and technology, higher education, basic education, health and communications.